Christianity, Redux

by Frost on December 21, 2012

The end of the Mayan calendar bears down on us, and while the sky has yet to crack open and herald the second coming of the Son of God, it certainly is snowing like a motherfucker up here. Thus, what better time to revisit that most RSS-subscription-culling of topics: God.

Readers will recall this blog’s recent forays into Christianity, theology, and the ethical obligations of the modern Christian man. After several months of studying the Bible, various Christian apologetics, corresponding with a few Christian bloggers, attempts at prayer, and a month-long, 800 km pilgrimage across Spain – I  wrote this specious and highly unsatisfactory cop out of a post. Re-reading it, I can almost hear the cognitive dissonance hissing out the edges of my monitor.

But now it’s Christmas: The season of gaudy decorations, unnecessary expenditure, flimsy excuses to eat crap and skip training, exchanges of unnecessary and unwanted gifts, and perhaps if we’re lucky, a little bit of genuine good will between family and friends amidst all the other unnecessary shenanigans. Once upon a time, in a galaxy far, far away, there existed some connection in the common man’s mind between the holiday of Christmas and the birth of Jesus Christ. Now, western civilization has mercifully outgrown its antiquated and ungrounded fascination with Christianity.

Such is the common perception, anyways. And yet, who can deny the correlation between our society’s abandonment of Christianity, and the Grace of God’s (literal or metaphorical) abandonment of us?

(Actually, many deny it. They believe that things are just gravy in 2012. Thank God Dawkins! They cry, that we live in such a glorious world! Welfare has replaced the barbarism of charity; Our art and culture have scaled the heights of Ke$ha, Piss Christ, and The Expendables 2; Murdering, pillaging bands of savages roam the streets of our great cities, while law enforcement turns to the vastly more pressing problems of contrived hate hoaxes and girls who regret their drunken hookups; Civic engagement and community have been replaced by legions of lonely herbivorous men whiling away their years playing video games and watching hentai porn, while their female equivalents take up arms as amateur Tumblr social justice warriors. Ah, the masses.)

The man – such as myself – who has lost his faith in the pretty lies of this age, must eventually consider the one belief system that:

- Was nearly ubiquitous among the men who built the pre-modern world.

- Was gradually abandoned in lockstep with its decay.

- Is currently among the most taboo, uncool, and politically incorrect beliefs to hold, in an idea space where most of the unfashionable, taboo ideas I’ve come across are true.

For me, this was the big leap. Not faith, but merely the recognition of faith as a viable intellectual option.

Once that hurdle is past – i.e., once the mind is freed from the modern prejudice against Christianity – the question of faith in a Christian God is a matter of logic and evidence.

The Catholic Church holds that the existence of God can be demonstrated by pure reason, no blind faith in a magic sky fairy required. Better men than myself have spilled much ink on the subject of proving God’s existence, so I will limit myself here to the chains of reasoning that I find most convincing.

The Fine-Tuned Universe Argument is an open and shut case for, at minimum, Deism. The only reasonable alternatives are 1) A multiverse, or 2) That human intelligence is insufficient to properly define and understand our relationship with the universe and any potential creator that exists.

It strikes me as likely that any being with the power to build a Universe as complex as our own, should also be powerful enough to exist outside of it and manipulate events within it. Hence, Theism seems likely.

As for Christianity, full stop – The resurrection of Christ was either an act of God, or a pretty freaking impressive trick. Some real ancient David Copperfield shit. Islam in contrast, requires credulity to the point of silliness.

But the case for Christianity is not open and shut. I can’t dismiss the possibility of a multiverse, I can’t dismiss the possibility that the existence of God is beyond the ken of human wisdom, and while I find the historical case for a divine Jesus to be stronger than any alternative supernatural religion, that’s still not setting the bar very high. All things considered, I remain a committed agnostic, albeit: One who takes the potential truth of Christianity far more serious than most agnostics; One who believes that regardless of its literal truth, Christianity is the West’s best hope for a moral and spiritual compass; And without a doubt, one who has firmly chosen to stand beside Christianity.

And yet…. I invite my readers to peruse and enjoy my latest blog, Thumotic, in which I regale my ongoing daily adventures in fornication pride, gluttony, vanity, covetousness and adultery. I write this blog post extolling the worthiness of time spent considering Christianity, while still reeking of last night’s sin, and steeling myself for another three in a row coming up. All of this is completely inconsistent with my uncertain belief in the literal truth of Christianity, and my certain belief in its utility as a social and moral blueprint. All of this is the great contradiction at the core of my being: Traditionalism, Reaction, Fidelity, Righteousness, and God for thee – drugs, drunken sluts and sin for me.

Are we contradictions in need of resolution, we modern traditionalist playboys? Ah, but I’m afraid this post is long enough as it is. God either exists, or he doesn’t. If he does, those who seek shall find. Tonight, I have whiskey to drink, a fresh soul to collect, and a party to throw in celebration of the world not ending today after all. The questions will still be around tomorrow.



by Frost on December 18, 2012

Aurini, who just published a book which I’ll be reviewing shortly, has an excellent post on the application the Lemons Problem to the sexual marketplace:

“The long-term trend – the new Nash Equilibrium – results in higher and higher payoffs for meaningless sex, and higher and higher risks for pursuing a serious relationship.  Eventually it degenerates to empty encounters in alleys and dingy club bathrooms, and nobody even remembers how to pair-bond with another human being.

The bad sex pushes out the good.

When the Quality Assurance Regulations were removed from the Sexual Marketplace during the Sexual Revulotuion, we were thrust along this path.  Both parties are working with asymmetrical information – IE we don’t know what the true quality of the man, woman, or car actually is, and we have no way to see through this obfuscation.  Once Upon a Time parents and the community provided this Quality Assurance, but that’s no longer the case – heck, with rampant Feminism most parents don’t even expect their daughters to behave with propriety (with sons it’s an odd mix of “be yourself” Forever Alone nonsense, and the promotion of mercenary selfishness).”

Consider the case of the modern man who would like to find a nice girl and settle down. Conventional wisdom suggests that he should disregard the tactics and mindset of the player/PUA and instead focus on being a good guy. But by doing so, he makes his life more difficult in several ways:

- Adopting such a persona will drive off the vast majority of girls who respond more positively to a man, the worse he is.

- As a good guy, he leaves himself open to being taken advantage of by a used-up harridan looking for a kneeling beta, arms outstretched and ready to catch her as she flings herself off the carousel once and for all.

- In real life, women are not neatly divided into ladies and hos. There is good and evil in each of them, and few if any are wholly free of the turn-the-cad-into-a-dad fantasy

- Truly, the only way to test a woman for bearing a weakness to the crimson arts, is to master them yourself and see how she responds. Cads with a wandering interest in living, some day, the simple life, are left in the position that we would never want to belong to a club that would be so shallow as to have us as a member.

Why not, the modern man asks, just wash my hands of the whole mess and cad it up with reckless abandon? One can always return to the second of the Two Games at a later point in life.

Moving right along, Foseti reviews Masters of Deceit and confirms, yet again, that America is run by commies. Of course it’s more complicated than that, but as one-sentence descriptions of the history of the 20th century go, that one is hard to top:

“During the US-Russian Alliance, Communists took control of the governing institutions of the US. I use the term “Cathedral” (courtesy of Mencius Moldbug) to describe these institutions. Generally, the term refers to the institutions that run the country. Specifically it refers to the media, bureaucracy and elite universities.

A nice way to illustrate the fact that the Communists controlled these organizations is to look at the career of any known Communist agent. Let’s take one of the best known, Alger Hiss. Hiss’s career (including after he was accused of being a spy and after being in jail) included stints at: the State Department, the United Nations, clerking for Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr, the Justice Department, some Senate Committees, the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, and – naturally – Harvard Law.

If you don’t know what I mean by the term Cathedral, it’s basically that list. Really, the only way it could be better is if he’d worked at the New York Times.

Given the reaction of these groups to Hiss’s trial, there’s no doubt that if Hiss had managed to avoid jail, many of these places would have re-hired him.

I rest my case that Communists, at one point, took over the governing apparatus of the US.”

Next up, here’s Bill Powell suggesting that the Sandy Hook shootings (among others) were a false flag operation, the purpose of which is to provide justification for gun confiscation:

“Because I’m guaranteeing you the elites are high-fiving themselves over this tragedy that the sheeple aren’t going to realize what the purpose really was. Most people are good at heart but not really that intelligent and this is excellent PR for gun control and the further drugging of the population, especially children that the elites want so badly. Given the way women vote in this country, the killing of a bunch of five and six year olds fits their purposes just fine. And I want to know, what type of parent lets their murdered child’s picture be splashed all over the media outlets of the world? I’ll be damned if I would.

Sounds harsh doesn’t it? I guarantee you by the time Adam Lanza’s biography gets fleshed out by the media, we’re going to be told that he was “deeply disturbed” and had been under care by a “mental health professional” and was being treated by “depression medication” and that he had quit taking them before he went on his rampage. We’re going to be told that “his mother instilled in him a deep distrust of the government and that he should be prepared for the end”.

I know I’m going to get the question, “But why kill kids? Are these assholes monsters?” Yes they are. Explicitly, monsters in human form. Look, they don’t give a shit about killing kids in Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan, Yemen, Somalia and places you’ve never heard about by drone, so why not here by a troubled kid most likely programmed by his so-called “mental health professionals” if it advances their agenda which is to make all of us subservient, unarmed and drugged slaves?

Now you see what we’re up against.”

What are we to make of people as clearly and obviously crazy as Mssr. Powell? How are we to respond to someone so unhinged?

To each their own, but my reaction is to keep his blog prominently displayed in my RSS feed and blog roll to your left. Not so long ago, I probably would have shaken my head and dismissed the idea that mass shootings like these are occasionally false flag PR stunts. I would still take long odds that Adam Lanza is just a messed up, lonely, sexually frustrated kid, driven to evil by the combination of a lack of a father, mental illness and the pain of life as a walking ghost. No conspiracy theories necessary. But, I’ve seen through too many of our society’s pretty lies to feel comfortable dismissing anyone simply because what they’re saying ‘seems crazy.’

But let’s wrap up on a lighter note. This is the more the sort of thing I write about at my new blog, Thumotic, but go read this post Maverick Traveler. I have gotten zero direct lays from the Cave-then-Bar move (which I push for on about half my first dates) but I think it makes the second-date dinner at my place a much easier sell. Overall a smooth move.


What’s Going To Happen On December 21st?

by Frost on December 12, 2012

For those not yet in the know: I’m now blogging about health, women and general lifestyle optimization topics at Thumotic. I’m leaving this blog up though, partly for the archives, and partly because I want a separate outlet for when I feel like writing about weird shit. Such as: The Apocalypse.

The world, I’m told, is ending on December 21st, 2012.

Crazy? Perhaps. But every epoch has to end sometime, and ours looks like it’s running out of gas sooner rather than later. The naive, optimistic whig historians among us will scoff, but no clear-eyed man can deny that there is a solid case to be made for a looming era of chaos and discord. Especially if we’re on the brink of a magnetic reversal or little ice age.

Simultaneously, both the USA and EU are on the brink of total economic collapse. The streets of our cities are increasingly consumed with ethnic, religious and political conflict.

Are you familiar with Jung’s concept of the collective unconscious?

I believe George R.R. Martin’s Song of Ice and Fire series (highly recommended) has tapped into something that perceptive people are feeling: Summer is over. Winter is coming. It looks to be a long one, and we’re not well-prepared.

I also believe that the growing interest in zombie-related fiction reflects the subconscious recognition that it might be prudent to let our imaginations run a bit wild, pondering what life might be like in a post-collapse world.

As Israel is surrounded by fresh and hostile enemies on all sides, as governments and families go bankrupt, as society crumbles and barbarism takes hold of the hearts of men all around us – is it so hard to believe that maybe, just maybe, the Mayans knew something about civilization, solar cycles, earth’s magnetic fields, our climate, that we don’t? Or that they were in contact with someone who did?

Truly, I don’t believe they were. Yes, I think the present order is collapsing. Yes, I think it will be painful, at least in the short term. But I would lay money that the end of the Mayan calendar is completely meaningless. I’m celebrating the last night of the era by getting wasted from a bowl of jungle punch at a friend’s penthouse. But, there may be a lot about the world that we don’t know. I’m careful not to rule out crazy ideas just because they’re “superstitious” or “conspiracy theories.”  The possibility of there being some significance to the end of the Mayan calendar is one such idea.

Above all else though, here’s what convinced me:

Buckle your seat belts, kids


The Manosphere is dying, some say.

The final bell has rung for the University of Man. Gmac closed his black book. FlyFreshandYoung has hit it and quit it for the last time. I’m sure there are others I’m not thinking of.

Roosh, Danger and Play, Private Man, Donlak and Hawaiian Libertarian have penned some fine obituaries. And hell, I’m not going to deny it: We’ve lost a few good men.

Most distressing of all: I, your beloved Frost, the eternal flame, the heart and soul, the Charlie Conway of the Manosphere – have been posting infrequently, and on subjects (Christianity, fringe anthropology, and who knows what’s coming next) that have convinced 90% of my readers that somewhere between the drug-soaked beaches of Southeast Asia, hippie Ashram communes of India, and sun-baked plains of northern Spain – I went completely batshit insane.

One could be forgiven, for wondering whether this whole 21st-Century Masculine Counter-Revolution truly has legs or not.

Well, trust me kids. I’ve been around these parts for a while. I’ve seen things. I’ve watched a lot of great blogs, writers, and communities to come and go. Nihil Nova.

This may come as a great shock to many young readers, but this entire community existed in embryonic form on the Tucker Max Message Board. Certainly there are a few Idiot Board veterans in our live studio audience, yes? Surely you remember its glory days as the best community and hub of information for self-improvement, counter-feminism, literature, and the rebirth of masculinity in a thoroughly feminized western world. Perhaps you also remember when the TMMB was taken offline – suddenly, unceremoniously, and completely without warning, back  in 2009. What a shock it was.

A year later, – the quintessential Paleo-Manosphere blog, our first introduction to the likes of Roissy, Mencius Moldbug, Gary Taubes, and a hundred others – wrote its final farewell post. This wasn’t entirely unexpected, as the original Blowhards had started supplanting their output with guest posts from writers who, despite their rakish charm and chiseled good looks, were unfit to carry Michael, Friedrich or Donald’s literary jockstraps. The nascent Manosphere wept.

Just six months ago, In Mala Fide, a site which had become the unofficial link hub of the Manosphere, not to mention the blogging platform of one of its most talented writers, pulled the plug. Much hand-wringing ensued.

What do all of these events have in common? They each marked the end of an era. They each made me shed a manly tear and pour one out for my fallen HTTP homeboys. They each cost us some wisdom, some insight, and some entertainment. But most relevant to my point today: They were each followed by a great deal of weeping, teeth-gnashing and panty-twisting over the supposed death of the movement.

And yet, how wrong those predictions turned out to be.

The alternative blogosphere had coalesced to the point that it could survive without 2Blowhards, by the time that it had to.

The Roosh V Forum is the Tucker Max Message Board reborn, and then some.

Society of Amateur Gentlemen has taken on both of In Mala Fide’s role: Sowing and reaping linkage across the Manosphere every Sunday, and supplying it with some of its best posts.

So while it is with a heavy heart that I pour one out for FFY, Gmac, and U of Man – I know this movement will continue, and will continue to grow without them. Something important is happening here, and it’s bigger than any one man. The blogroll to your left is not just a collection of individuals. It’s not  just a community. The Manosphere is an intellectual and political movement, and its progression is as inevitable and inexorable as a rising tide.

For most, the Manosphere is a simple thing. All men wish to revel in the glory of swoleness, sexual options, travel, money, and the sweet life. The Manosphere offers them the tools to pursue such goals, make incremental improvements to their own lives, and bask in the positive energy of a virtual community of like-minded men. There is nothing wrong with looking at this community solely as a means to better yourself.

But for the few with eyes that see, the political nature of an intellectual alternative to the reigning progressive effeminocracy is obvious.

At its essence, the Manosphere is so much more than a community of game and self-improvement blogs. The Manosphere is the counter-revolution. Our culture, our education system, our media – they all serve to rob us of our ability to perceive the world as it is. The Manosphere is the slow, plodding, auto-didactic redemption of the American mind, one soul at a time, by those men among us who are smart, perceptive, and courageous enough to stand athwart the lies of recent history, and call bullshit. As long as there is a real, genuine thing called Truth, men will seek it. As long as such men also seek each other, there will be a Manosphere. As long as there is a Manosphere, it will continue to seek out pretty lies, and squeeze them until they whine, squeal, writhe, suffer, and at the end of it all – perish.

So we’ll miss the writings of our recently fallen brothers. Just like we miss Ferdinand Bardamu, the Blowhards, Solomon II, and pre-meltdown Tucker Max, and just like we’ll miss the eventual future retirement of other heavy hitters in the alternative blogosphere.

But as a community and as a movement – when one falls, two rise up in his place. New talent is coming up everywhere.

Here’s Circumnavigonzo, a travel and piracy blog that I highly recommend. I already mentioned the excellent Society of Amateur Gentlemen. Allow me to also point you towards Wall Street Playboys, a great lifestyle blog and an absolute must-read for any man working anywhere near the finance world. Nexxt Level Up, Juicing For Men and The Return Of Kings are well worth your time and a bookmark. Matt Forney continues his epic journey across the United States.

Aurini just published his first novel, which I will hopefully find time to read and review this weekend. Until then, here’s Koanic’s review. Excellent books have also been published recently by Naughty Nomad, Jack Donovan and Aaron Clarey. Rumours are also circulating that another Great Manosphere Novel is in the late drafting stages…

Most encouraging of all, smart young guys like PDog, Michael Byc, and Dulst are taking the Red Pill at an age when most of us barely had to shave more than once a week.

So please, folks. Save your tears. This movement is doing just fine. As long as the world is choked in lies – and it will be, for the forseeable future – smart men are going to form communities that aspire to truth, we’re going to live better lives as a result, and we’re going to share what we learn on our blogs, because writing is what we love to do, and because the world needs leaders.

Speaking of which, gentle reader, what are you doing with your free time? It’s a great day to start a blog, don’t you think?


Arnold Schwarzenegger For King

by Frost on November 6, 2012

Not sure how to vote today, loyal American reader? Well rest easy friend, because you could certainly do a lot worse than handing over the tiny sliver of authority your decadent age has seen fit to grant the likes of you, and letting me make the decision on your behalf.

But this is the sort of endorsement that will require some build up, so let’s take a look at the two proper candidates.

First: Barack Obama. Who is this guy? I think future historians will have a lovely time trying to figure that out. My opinion is that he’s basically not that terrible of a guy. He’s just an ambitious, narcissistic and unprincipled shapeshifter, going with the flow and doing his best to maintain his own delusion that he is… whatever he thinks he is. Obama lets the Fabians running the DNC and media implement their creeping Marxism, the Fabians let Obama make speeches, play White House, and say to himself in the mirror every morning, “Yes, Barack Obama, you are the Hope and Change President. They love you Barack, they really, really love you.”

But why psychoanalyze? Given a second term, Barack Obama would continue at pace –  spending money America doesn’t have, stifling free enterprise, accelerating the ceding of the southwest to Latin America, starting a few new Middle Eastern wars that will almost certainly lead to new, hostile Islamic theocracies, increase the incentives for single motherhood and antisocial behaviour generally, make more progress towards criminalizing free speech and self-defence, implement more bureaucracy, more redistribution, and in general, offer us a slightly faster descent into the bowels of hell. Four more years! Four more years!

So there’s my endorsement, folks. If you believe, as I sometimes do, that the sooner we begin our descent, the softer the landing will be, I recommend a vote for the incumbent. I’m also curious how a second term will play out. America was once a strong country. Can it survive a full decade of Hope and Change? If Nate Silver is right, looks like we’ll soon see.

But how much fun would a Romney victory be?

Here’s the really weird thing about Mitt Romney. I think he really, truly, genuinely believes in America. He believes that, sure things look dark now, but check the box next to his name on election day and by gosh, it’ll be morning in America all over again. It will take some hard work, of course, but the America Project, the beacon of light, the city on the hill – it’s still salvageable, according to Mitt.

Is there pride in his heart? Self interest? Of course. But my read on Romney is that his only major flaw is his naïveté, and his ill-placed faith in the ability of the heavily listing American ship of state to right itself. He is, in other words, the perfect Outer Party shadow opposition candidate. If he wins, the next four years will follow the well-worn script of vaguely right-wing leaders in the late western democracies – a general continuation of the march towards the abyss, sprinkled with some mild and transient reaction, in a few areas deemed priorities, a la Nixon, Thatcher and Reagan.

But perhaps, dear reader, you lack my cynical, hopeless resignation to the decline of western civilization. Perhaps you would like to approach politics with a higher goal than maximizing your daily enjoyment of the increasingly bizarre and untethered mainstream media. Maybe, just maybe, you – like Mittens – still believe that America is a great country, full of great people, who don’t deserve to have to boil their shoe leather for soup in the coming decades.

If this is the case, I have an idea.

I propose that the United States of America give complete and permanent authority to Arnold Schwarzenegger. I propose that we dissolve The Senate, Congress, POTUS, Judiciary, Civil Service, and their state and municipal counterparts immediately and unequivocally cede absolute power to the Governator.

Friends, America needs a King. I will not belabour this point here. Either you’ve read your Moldbug (start here) and the primary sources therein, and you’re equipped to have a serious conversation about political theory and present history, or you haven’t and you aren’t.

The question is: How do we go about choosing a King? I contend that no man alive today is better suited for the position than Ah-nold.

Have you read the man’s life story? It’s an interesting one. I highly recommend Education of a Bodybuilder, Pumping Iron, and (though I haven’t yet read it) his new autobiography.

Several things jump out at the student of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s life. The first and most prominent is his sheer force of will. As a teenager, Arnold decided he was going to become the greatest bodybuilder of all time. He did it. Then he decided he was going to become a movie star. He did it. Next, he chose politics. He rose to the governorship of the union’s largest and most interesting state. Not only that, he made an excellent attempt at providing the undeserving sunshine state with sane, fiscally responsible government. Arnold’s political career could have been a much smoother ride, were it not for the noblesse oblige he apparently believed came with his power.

In a world full of weak, mincing, cowardly men, Arnold Schwarzenegger is one of the few remaining exemplars of masculine energy, ambition, and nobility. He is truly the Last Action Hero.

Some will complain that Arnold should not be King, because he is not an American. Yes, the modern conservative-cum-reactionary may soon admit, America needs a King. But America is the greatest country on earth, and it’s only fitting that she is ruled by an American King, not some friggin Austrian musclehead with a funny accent.

But this is actually Arnold’s greatest asset as a potential and future ruler.

America has failed. The American Dream was not a good one that turned bad. The American Nation was not a fundamentally good one that picked up a rotten streak. No. America – the political formula, the ruling ideology, and the vast majority of the historical ruling elite – were all crooked from the start. The American people, though fine and decent in many ways, have always had the opportunity to organize themselves, overthrow their sham-kings, and assert grown-up governance on their country.

What America needs today is not pride. It does not need to rediscover the go-getting attitude that made ‘Murrica great, back in the good old days. What America needs today is humility. America – the ruling elite, the people, the intellectuals – must accept that they have failed. They must repent. And to make sure it sticks, they need to demonstrate their newfound humility with a great act of contrition: They must hand over their country to an outsider, albeit one who has always loved the country and personally embodied the best of what virtue it has.

King Arnold is my favourite solution to the deepening rut America presently finds herself in, but I have others. A breakup into fifty independent states is a fine idea. The submission of the Pacific Northwest and New England to Canada, the Southwest to Mexico, and the South to some sort of (hopefully slave-free) Confederacy 2.0, would also do the trick. Maybe the Russians can get Alaska back. Jacobitism doesn’t appear to be catching on, but one never knows. The bottom line is this:

Americans must forfeit the illusion that they have in any way earned the right to govern themselves. The American people have demonstrated time and again that they are not worthy of self-governance. History and Geography have bequeathed America the world, and they have all but burnt it to the ground.

It’s time for a change. It’s time for unconventional solutions. America may look like its going to exist forever in its present form, but history suggests that all great empires must come to an end. It’s time for some heroes to step up.


Getting the Gang Back Together

by Frost on November 2, 2012

One of the best books I’ve read in the past year is Jack Donovan’s The Way Of Men.

There are many ways to measure the quality of a book. How much did you learn from it? How much did you enjoy reading it? How impressed were you with the author’s writing ability and insight? On all of these metrics, The Way Of Men does very well.

But to me, the most important test of a non-fiction book is how actionable it is. Specifically: How much does your life improve as a direct result of reading it? This is where The Way Of Men knocks one out of the park. Jack Donovan taught me that I need to start a gang. So let me tell you a bit about my gang.

We are seven.

We meet Thursday night, from eight to ten.

We wear suits and drink scotch.

We take ourselves seriously.

We come from a variety of career backgrounds: Public policy, real estate, law enforcement, foreign service, and academia.

We are ambitious.

We are hustlers.

We discuss, openly and with as little ego as possible, our various plans to take over the world.

We discuss ways we can help each other.

We hold each other accountable.

Every week, one member gives a short presentation on something the other members can use to improve their lives.

After the meeting, we go out on the town and cause shenanigans.


This is not a mere social gathering. It is not a group of boys sitting in a circle and shooting the shit. Rather, it is a group of men with plans and goals and objectives. On Thursday night between 8-10pm, we are not friends. We are not buddies. We are allies. Before and after, we are good pals who party and work out and play squash together. But for two hours a week, we put all that aside and focus on helping each other climb our own individual ladders.

The format of each session is as follows:

8:00 PM – Quick round table. Tell us your top three priorities in life at the moment.

8:10 PM – Weekly review roundtable. Reflect on your goals from last week’s meeting. Did you get your shit done? Why or why not? Questions, suggestions, and calling people out for bullshit, rationalizations and weakness is highly encouraged.

8:15 PM – Presentation. One member gives a short presentation on a topic that other members can use to improve their lives. Previous and scheduled topics include: Martial arts, property investing, SHTF preparedness, juicing, posture and body language, and the necessity of forming a gang.

8:30 PM – Next actions round table. What is your plan for the next week? How are you going to make progress towards your previously stated goals? What are your priorities? How are you going to schedule your time to make room for those priorities? These next actions will be revisited next week, at the 8:10PM round table. Again, dissection of each members’ next actions is highly encouraged.

8:45PM – Need and offer round table. How can other members help you this week? What can you do to help them?

And that’s my gang. Now it’s time for you to go and start yours. So I ask you,tThe small percentage of my readers who think along these same lines: Go out and form your own gang. Find your own group of like-minded individuals, and start quietly conquering your own little corner of the world. You’ll be better off for it, and who knows? Maybe one day my gang, and your gang – and perhaps even a few other gangs – will find some common cause to fight for in this unstable, rapidly decaying world of ours.


The New Anthropology Basics

by Frost on October 25, 2012

One thing is certain about the New Anthropology, aka Edenism. Views are polarized. Judging by comments, emails and just generally what I’ve seen around the web, almost everyone has either drank the Kool-Aid, or dismisses the Thal interbreeding hypothesis entirely. So, doubters, lets figure out exactly where our differences lie:

In today’s post, we’ll start by considering some extremely basic and unarguable facts:

- Neanderthals existed

- They lived in smaller tribes than homo sapiens, and they had larger brains

- Some modern humans are, genetically at least, up to 4% Neanderthal

These propositions are beyond dispute, and they lead us to some interesting questions:

1) To what extent are Neanderthal phenotypes expressed in modern humans?

Some genes don’t do shit. They just hang out in your double-heli all day, dick in hand. So, it’s entirely plausible that we contain remnants of the Thal genotype, but it doen’t change who we are.

Koanic et al. claim that modern-day Thals are phenotypically differentiated. He claims that Thals are more introverted, more trusting, more loyal, more intelligent, and more creative, i.e. exactly what you would expect from a sub-species with larger brains and smaller tribes.

2) Are modern-day Neanderthals physically recognizable?

Koanic claims that there is a distinctive Thal face and skull.

Is he right? This is a question that can only be answered definitively with proper study correlating various personality traits with facial characteristics. Since none appear to be forthcoming, we are left with anecdotes and personal observation.

Here’s an exercise you can try: Spend an hour clicking through your friends’ pictures on Facebook. Do you notice a trend? Are your friends with Neanderthal faces also the ones with Neanderthal personalities?

You can also start looking for the Thal phenotype in the wild. When you meet someone new, make a snap judgement about what sort of person they are based on their face and skull. How often do your predictions turn out correct?

I recommend you do this on your own, but for what it’s worth: I definitely see the trend. My smart, introverted friends tend to have Thal-ish faces, and the two acquaintances of mine who display the most prominent Thal physical features are both extremely intelligent and kind, but with mild social dysfunction. In my profession, I meet a lot of data-monkeys, software geeks and engineers. Most of them have the Thal skull. I recently spent a month in Basque country, home to the population with the highest percentage of Thal DNA in the world. Most Basque look very Thallish to me.

3) What’s it like to be a Neanderthal in a Sapien world?

If Koanic is right, millions of men and women are walking around with brains that have evolved, at least partially, to interact in an entirely different social environment, with entirely different co-actors, than what they now experience. The result is pain, suffering, dysfunction, and a default life condition of failure and depression, for a very smart and sensitive sub-group of the population.


So those are the core three questions that The New Anthropology seeks to answer:

To what extent are we Neanderthals?

How does our Neanderthal DNA affect us?

How can modern hybrids cope in a sapien-run world?

Any curious person should find this stuff interesting. If you’re a ‘spergy introvert who has often struggled to cope in a world full of extroverts, then you should find this stuff exceptionally interesting. If you are a myopic simpleton, you will dismiss all of this out of hand, because it’s “crazy,” i.e. new and different.

But surely if you’re going to do that, you’ll at least walk us through your thought process in the comments below, yeah?


The Shortest Way With The Baby Boomers

by Frost on October 22, 2012

I try to avoid following the news, but every now and then a little nugget of worthless political theatre slips past my defences.

For example, I’ve noticed that even mainstream politicians seem to be somewhat aware of the looming fiscal Armageddon threatening to send the United States into a state of economic, social and civil collapse. In response, the Democrats would like to shovel some more coal into the runaway train’s furnaces, while the Republicans plan to slow it down by stringing a piece of yarn across its tracks. Clearly, fresh ideas are needed.

So allow me to put forth a proposal of my own: I call it The Generation Z Baby Boomer Retirement Plan, and I humbly request that you consider it alongside those proposed by the Republican and Democratic political machines.

As a kindness to the reader, I have omitted graphs, forecasts, projections, baselines, and all such distractions. Instead, I offer you but a paragraph:

I propose that we completely abandon the Baby Boom generation to the forces of economics, scarcity and nature. I propose we acknowledge the Baby Boomers as the absolute worst cohort of humanity that has ever lived, and deal with them accordingly. I propose we cast off our socially-mandated veneer of mercy, search our hearts, and realize that we are – really and truly, without a hint of Swiftian satire – perfectly OK with watching Baby Boomers die in the streets on our way to work. 

Why, the enthusiastic and pro-active among you ask, don’t we just round up the Baby Boomers and shoot them? Or string them up from the lampposts, like Christmas decorations?

I admire your go-getting attitude, my peppy friends, but read carefully. No one said that all baby boomers should die in the streets. Hard-working, dutifully-saving boomers who’ve amassed a nest egg to see them through retirement will be more than welcome in our brave new world. Boomers with caring friends and relatives shan’t go hungry. No man is poor, so long as he has a friend or grateful child.

But those who don’t fall under either of the above categories – i.e., those boomers who’ve lived their 55+ years without a penny or a loyal friend to show for it – we’d all appreciate if you could slink off and die in an alley, like crippled stray cats. Go on now.

Harsh words? Perhaps. The soft-hearted and mush-headed may balk at such strict rhetoric. But I argue that our generation’s complete and utter abandonment of the Baby Boomers is not only just – it’s necessary.

Regarding necessity, it is difficult to overstate just how completely and utterly fucked the western world is today. I won’t make the case here, but I will invite intrepid commenters to debate which will be burnt more crisply in the coming decades: The bankrupt, classless, tradition-less, culturally depraved Los United States of America? Or the slightly more bankrupt, but slightly more traditional Dar-Al-Europe?

I think a case can be made for either. But regardless, make no mistake: We are on the brink of collapse. We are living in the dying decades of one of the greatest empires that has ever existed in recorded human history. At the absolute minimum, my generation is heading straight for a sudden and massive decline in our standard of living. At worst, a complete and prolonged collapse in all social order.

In either case, we will have more important things to concern ourselves with than paying for old Johnny-General-Motors’ counterproductive cholesterol medication. We have more on our plate than ensuring Holly-Human-Resources-Administrator can afford to retire with a house on the lake, like she always dreamed of. We have been bequeathed a harsh world. Surviving in it may take everything we’ve got. Rebuilding it will take more still.

So Baby Boomers, pardon me if, in an era of looming hyperinflation, sovereign bankruptcies, and food riots, I feel less than obligated to pay for your 30+ years of gold-plated retirement.

Now let’s talk about justice.

Throughout human history, the default nature of inter-generational relations has been thus: Parents do their best to leave their children as much as possible, to give them the best possible chance to succeed in life, and in turn do the same for their children. This is the sort of parental attitude that leads to savings rates of 30-50% within most East Asian countries, and most historical Western polities. Barring war, plague, famine and pestilence, a given generation will usually hand off to their progeny a world that’s a bit better than how they found it.

Keeping this perspective in mind, let’s consider the baby boomer track record:

In the aftermath of the second world war, America was the wealthiest and most powerful nation that had ever existed. The so-called Greatest Generation, i.e. those who came of age during the Great Depression and defeated the Nazis shortly thereafter, left them a seat of power, wealth, and accumulated social capital beyond the wildest dreams of any prior generation. The Baby Boomers truly had it all, and they grew up in an era of unprecedented technological and economic advance. The parents of the baby boomers built the modern economy, put a man on the moon, and did it all while raising their children in (generally) stable and loving leave-it-to-beaver style home environments.

But then the Boomers came of age. Where future historians will see idyll, opportunity, and paradise, they saw Injustice! Oppression! They saw a nation that need to be torn apart and rebuilt anew. Rather than continue on the path set by their (totally square) ancestors, they took to the streets. They sat-in, stood-in, loved-in. They tuned in, turned on, dropped out. They rebelled against, you know, The Man:

- They implemented the Great Society swath of middle-class entitlements.

- They destroyed that evil, out-dated, patriarchal institution then known as the traditional family.

- They legislated the mass importation of destitute third-worlders, while building the minority grievance industry.

- They destroyed American industry with wage, pension and benefits package demands that far outstripped their actual productivity.

- The best and brightest dedicated their lives to unproductive, extractive, value-transferring ‘professions’ such as law, finance, and academic research.

- They neglected their children’s education, spend the family nest egg, and often even failed to save for their own retirements.

In short, they were given a world with effectively limitless possibility, and they proceeded to destroy it. They are passing us a broken world, a bankrupt empire, and a social fabric tearing at the seams of individual atomization, ethnic tension, and mistrust. Worst of all, they’ve taught the more gullible among us – via the universities and media which they control – that the true culprits of our present discontent are everyone but the Baby Boomers. They even claim that only the Boomers’ courageous stand for social justice and equality has saved us from an even worse fate! Hilariously, most of my generational cohort is stupid enough to believe it, as they turn out in droves to vote for more of the same.

So here we are, Generation Z. Our lives are destined to be plagued by scarcity, discord, and difficulty. Much of the blame for our situation can be placed fairly at the feet of the Baby Boom generation. How shall we react?

I caution against hatred. Hate requires energy, and we’ll have little enough to spare as it is. In any case, it goes without saying that many Baby Boomers are fine people, exceptional for their generation, and have more than earned our respect and support in their old age.

But for those – the majority – who haven’t, I prescribe simple indifference. Avoid paying taxes. Default on your student loans.  Don’t contribute to your 401K. Denominate your savings in a form that will make it difficult to confiscate them, when fiscal crunch time comes. When we eventually seize power: End their pensions. End their benefits. End their bloated health care entitlements. The Baby Boomers lived it up large in the first half of their lives, as they spent the social and economic capital that had been bequeathed to them. Now they would do the same in the second half, racking up debts for us and our children to pay off.

The only question is: Are we going to lay down and take it?


Allow me to introduce you to an odd friend of mine. His name is Koanic, and chances are he’s plotting your death as I write.

Confused? Allow me to explain. Koanic is a Neanderthal, you see. Also, part Melonhead. As such, he has no patience for savage Cro-Magnon simpletons, such as (perhaps) yourself. Hope that clears things up.

Still confused? Well, hold on to your dick, because it only gets weirder from here on in.

As a Freedom Twenty-Five, Manosphere, Red Pill kinda guy, you’re well accustomed to the fact that reality is often much, much different from the picture that conventional sorts of people would have you believe. Remember when you had your first dose of Roissyesque gender relations, Sailerist thoughtcrime, or Moldbuggian hisotrical revision? How shocking it felt, at first, only to grow over time into the near-certain belief that 99% of your peers are completely deluded about core aspects of life? Hold onto those memories as you read this post.

Today’s topic is: Anthropology. The study of humanity. Simple enough right? We all know the most fashionable view of humanity, i.e. are all God’s chilluns, tabula rasas waiting to be inscribed by lightworkers with M.Eds at the Department of Education.

The New Anthropology has a, er , somewhat different view of things. The New Anthropology holds that modern humans are the descendants of several different races of hominids. Here are some NA claims that are almost certainly true:

- Some modern humans are partially descended from Neanderthals, a race of hominids who were smarter, gentler, and lived in smaller communities than homo sapiens.

- Modern Sapien/Thal hybrids differ from non-hybrids in important ways. Thals are more trusting, sensitive, intelligent and introspective than pure Sapiens.

- Thal ancestry can be recognized by such traits as wide, deep-set eye sockets, green eyes, red hair, introversion, and a psych profile commonly diagnosed as Asperger’s.

- Texts such as The Bible, The Epic of Gilgamesh, and various Celtic and Scandinavian oral histories are more than just fairy tales: At the very least, they contain hints and metaphorical accounts of pre-ancient history.

And here are some claims that I am not sold on, but I see a strong case for believing:

- Modern humans are also partially descended from a race of super-intelligent Melonheads

- Melonheads used to rule a pre-ancient world which was, in some ways, more technologically advanced than our own

- Both Melonheads and Neanderthal societies have collapsed, overrun by the simpler, stupider, but more vicious and numerous Cro-Magnons 

There are also a variety of claims that I am skeptical of, but won’t completely rule out. Things like… but you know what, I’ll let you dig on your own. My Thal and Melon readers are already chomping on the bit in anticipation of exploring some exciting new ideas, and I’ve frightened the cro-mags enough for the day.

Koanic Soul is your #1 one-stop source for all things hominid. Matt Forney also has a secondary blog, Excavating Eden, complete with a brand spankin’ new link aggregator. That should get you started. Happy hunting.


The Future

by Frost on October 18, 2012

One of the many benefits of writing a blog is that you’re leaving a diary for your future self to read and reflect on. This is useful for self-awareness, goal setting, and sometimes just plain nostalgia. I spent an afternoon reading my older posts recently, and it was a great experience, like having a pint with my twenty-five year old self.

Twenty-five year old Frost was a good kid. He realized that he was in the fast lane to an unremarkable life, betraying the dreams he once had. He recognized that he was drifting inexorably into the pits of mediocrity and conformism that are claiming so many other men of his generation. To his great credit, he decided to do something about it. He decided to write a book, save some cash, and take a flying leap out of his comfort zone by quitting his job and buying a one-way ticket to Bangkok, to kick off a one-year round-the-world trip.

Then, twenty-six year old Frost set a few goals for himself. He decided to use his year off to acquire skills and build assets that would ensure he would never need to return to the his old life. He decided that he was done with the nine-to-five grind, and fuck anyone who dared to stand in his way.

Well, hello. I’m twenty-seven year old Frost, and I’m coming to you live today from a grey cubicle, in a grey office building, in a grey city. I have arrived, I wrote yesterday, right back where I started from, two years ago.

If I were to have that beer with the 2009 and 2010 Frosts and tell them that as of October 2012, we’re still stuck behind a desk, I’m sure one of them would hold me down while the other kicked me repeatedly in the nuts. “It’s not my fault!” 2012 Frost would say, “We’re in this mess because of 2011 Frost. That lazy punk. Let’s get him!”

But what’s done is done, and what’s done is not even regrettable. Sure, I’d like to have achieved my desired lifestyle by now, but what experiences from the past year would I have sacrificed to get it? Sometimes I regret not working harder at the whole location independent thing during my year off, but I regret what little work I did do just as often. One of my biggest struggles in life is learning how to relax and enjoy it, and I did a fine job of that over the past year. And I’m calling that a failure?

Even if it is a failure – so what? If you never fail to reach the goals you set for yourself, you’re not setting ambitious enough goals.

So what now?

As I wrote yesterday, nothing has changed.

I still intend to build assets that give me the option of leaving the life of the wage slave behind me.

I still intend for my writing to educate, inspire and entertain millions.

I still intend to live my dream life as an author/entrepreneur/international playboy.

I still intend to help lead this generation from mediocrity, lies and defeat, to the next phase of history.

Nothing has changed over the past year, and that includes my intentions. I’m still going to take over the world, I’m going to do it soon, and I’m going to do it over the objections of anyone who thinks it can’t be done.