Hall Of Fame Posts

This page is an easy to navigate collection of the best posts from Freedom Twenty-Five’s first year of operation.If you’re new to the blog, it’s a great place to start.

Start with my all-time top five favourite posts ever:

1) The Blank Page

2) There Is No Such Thing As A Safe Career

3) The TL;DR Generation

4) The Paleolithic Alcoholic

5) Reactionary Self-Improvement

I’ve divided the rest by category:


One year into the promising career and yuppie life that I and almost everyone else in my generation believes is the ultimate dream, I realized I wanted out. On year of learning, writing, and saving later, and I was ready to quit, write a book, and move halfway across the world to start a new life. These posts tell that story how my prolonged navel-gazing led to what will either be the best or worst decision of my life.

The Blank Page (First post)

A Man of Wealth and Taste (A brief autobiography)

Eyes Forward

Why start a blog?

Friday Night Blogfest (Some melodramatic ramblings)

The Travel Obsession

A PhD on My own Terms

Off I Go

Sober Blogging Alert (More melodramatic ramblings)

It’s Your Life

Why You Should Start A Blog

Just Start Doing Stuff


A Little Help From My Friends

A re-introduction of the blog and re-statement of it’s mission, eight months in

The Freedom Twenty-Five PhD: Semester Zero

Bored Sheep and Lonely Wolves

The Asset Class With The Best And Safest Returns

One Year Of Freedom (in Which I announce that I quit my job, moved to Thailand, and published my first book)

The Real World Is Scary



Like many fresh graduates, the grown-up world took a toll on my health and fitness. I started gaining weight and shedding muscle almost immediately after graduating. Now, I’m a lean(er), mean paleo-eating machine.

The One Month Paleolithic Challenge

The Anti-Paleo Diet

Paleo Update, One Month In

Yoga, IF, Cold Showers and Testosterone

The Paleolithic Alcoholic

Staying Hungry (More Intermittent Fasting)

A Man’s Workout

It All Starts With Your Health

Getting Ripped On Two Fifteen Minute Workouts A Week

The New Workout Plan

A Week In The Life


Money and Careers

How can I quit my job and travel the world for a year, some might ask? Simple: I ruthlessly cut non-essential expenses in my life, invested wisely, and resisted the urge to quit my soulless job until the time was right.

The Escape Hatch

The Case For Investing in Gold

There Is No Such Thing As A Safe Career

Living At Home Is Way Cool

Kick Ass At Your Job

Ten Things You’re Paying For That You Probably Don’t Need

Five Things You Should Feel Good About Spending Money On

I Will Set The Building On Fire

To Roosh Or Not To Roosh

The United States Is A Third World Country



As an international playboy extraordinaire (read: a guy who does alright for himself, on occasion) I try to share my knowledge of the fairer sex far and wide:

Why Game Works For Now

Why I’m Not A PUA

How To Learn Game In One Week

Game Is For Men Who Are Already Getting Laid

Why You Need To Learn Game

Rah Pickup Artists

Cynics Are Deluded Too

Five Seduction Tropes To Roll Your Eyes At

Game Is Different For Good-Looking Men

Reflections On The Nature Of Game

A Cautionary Tale

How To Deal With A Breakup

Your Game Depends On What You Want

Common Mistakes In The Game

Why You Don’t Have a Boyfriend: Harsh Truth Edition (One for the ladies!)


Men’s Rights And Gender Politics

I’m fascinated by all things sexual. Men and women of the 21st century: Tumble and rage along, ye rotten waifs and wretches. Clash and collide as seems fittest to you, while I amuse myself writing about it:

The Sexual Dytopia Sucks For Women Too

On Dread

The Triple Standard

I’m Getting Married and Gotcha! Sort of (The April Fool’s Day posts)

Traditionalism And Hypocrisy

An Open Letter To The Manginas Of The Internet

Crazy Stupid Love: Neither Crazy Nor Stupid

On Manning Up, Part 1 and Part 2

The following posts are from the Ask An Asshole Series, in which I offered some unsolicited dating advice to two young lady bloggers. Links may be broken, because both 404’ed it immediately following the exchange. Probably a coincidence.

Chicks Dig Assholes

Ask An Asshole: Round 1

Ask An Asshole: Round 2

Ask An Asshole: Round 3

Ask An Asshole: Round 4/5a

Thus concludes the AAAH initiative. Some of my better work.

Who Benefits From The Sexual Revolution? Part 1, and Part 2

More recently, I’ve been kicking up some dirt around the Men’s Right Activist Blogosphere:

Men’s Rights Activists: You Will Never Win The Battle You’re Fighting

Paul Elam Does Not Have The Answers You’re Looking For

The Paul Elam Debate: Part 1

 The Paul Elam Debate: Part 2

The Paul Elam Debate: Part 3



The TL;DR Generation

Politics: The Mind Killer

Purge The Crap

Calorie Counting On An Information Diet

How To Read

Yawn (On Boredom)

Twitter Doesn’t Suck

Resist Virtual Reality Addiction

Reactionary Self-Improvement

Why You Should Start A Blog

And that’s all for now. Bookmark this page and work your way through the archive if you’re interested in this blog’s past. If you’re interested in its future, you can Subscribe via RSS, follow me on Twitter, and Like Me on Facebook.