Why I Am Not A Christian

by Frost on September 26, 2012

September has turned into Christianity Month here at Freedom Twenty-Five.

It started when we asked the question: What Does The Bible Say About Pre-Marital Sex? It continued with Rationalizing Fornication and The Christian Man’s Trilemma, and we wrapped it all up with The Christian Player’s Code.

Readers interested in past discussions of Christianity will also be interested in these older posts: God Is Dead and The Christian Reading List.


But after all this, am I a Christian? No.

I’m a better man today for having read the bible, a stack of Christian apologetics, a terabyte of blogs, articles and Wikipedia articles on Christianity, and for having spent a hundred hours hearing out the theological arguments of a few dozen pilgrims on the Camino De Santiago.

I have a greater respect for Christianity as the definitive intellectual and literary origin of western culture. I feel a great debt to Christianity for its overwhelming importance to the development of western civilization.

Above all, I think Christianity is a useful belief system, both practically and psychologically, for the majority of people.

But, I don’t believe. I’m not sold on the rational, logical, empirical case for a supernatural historical Jesus. Christian morality doesn’t often ‘feel’ right to me, as it should if I were created with the image of God inside of me. Above all, Christianity would be extraordinarily inconvenient to me right now. Of course I think this fact has no bearing on my lack of faith, but I would, wouldn’t I? There is no way in, uh, hell, that I care to reject the pleasure of the Two Games right now.

Perhaps I’ll revisit the faith question at a later point in my life. For now though, I remain a heathen. But whatever my conclusion, I’m a better man today for having grinded through the subject. I highly recommend the exercise to any man with an ounce of curiosity in his heart.

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