Three Clutch Habits For Increased Mobility and Flexibility

by Frost on January 24, 2012

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Audacious Epigone January 30, 2012 at 9:19 pm

What a timely post (yeah, I realize it was queued in advance, so what?). I used to feel the same about yoga. Additionally, I saw its growth as another consequence of our feminizing popular culture–rather than build muscle, it increases flexibility. So the 9-5ers can do what, exactly? Be more flexible for that hour a week when they’re… doing yoga? Having done it regularly for over a year now (albeit the P90X/X2 versions, which involve a lot more isometric upper body and core work than is the case in most yoga programs), I’ve done something close to a 180. I wouldn’t recommend it as an exclusive or even primary path to better fitness though–for me, it’s 1-2x a week, usually on “recovery” days. The recent article in the NYT about the dangers of yoga shouldn’t be ignored–if you lack the requisite strength and conditioning, it’s possible to really hurt yourself, especially if you’re heavy.

And just last night, I bought a foam roller. Before working chest and back today, I used it and was stunned by how much (benign) discomfort it caused when I hit the sweet spots. Not much, not much, roll a little farther, everything but toes on the ground, not much, and then — BAM! Ah shit! Five seconds and I need off. Okay, time to find the spot again, with a little more support this time…

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