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by Frost on January 17, 2012

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Rowan January 18, 2012 at 2:45 am

Writing is not for everybody.

I’m working on my own software company, everything is going well, I’m focusing on building a service for small businesses and have a handful of eager beta testers (And even some paying a token fee for an incomplete service!). I’m happy building a firm foundation while relaxing on holiday here in Australia.

But last week I got an email from my best and oldest friend. An awesome successful guy who did everything society told him to. Got a job at a company, moved up, became the IT manager at age 24, a dozen people under him, sat on the company board, house with a mortgague, the whole shebang.

A few weeks ago he quit. Why work for work’s sake? He’s started a web design company and has a long list of clients and has already completed 3 jobs. He’s only going to make a fraction of what he did before but it’s more than enough. He’s put his house on the market and he’s off to Canada for a year soon.

We’ve been exchanging emails discussing and sharing software startup info. I sense a mastermind group forming…

This has made my year because I was beginning to second guess myself, maybe the cube wasn’t as bad as I remember? Maybe I can just work for a year then take 6 months off and repeat? And so on.

Twenty hours crappy web design work a week but spending all day skiing? Not bad, it’s a start, it’s how I started, just a phase, soon he’ll be working on subscription based software services, then we can take over the Internets!

@js You know what is different and special? Men who write books and get hundreds of popular bloggers to promote their books. I’m a bit different and special myself. I go to a Uni library 6 days a week even though I’m not a student and work on my business. Do you know how many students there are working on a business or a book? As far as I can tell… ZERO. In fact 90% of them arn’t even doing Uni work, most of them are on facebook or playing games. I’ve approached a number of businesses in person to sell my service. Do you know how many other men have approached them to sell a service? No prizes. What’s it worth? About $80 a month for the next decade ( I love slow moving industries!) all for an hours discomfort.

None of us are born special or different. Took me 25 years to figure that out.

js January 17, 2012 at 11:22 am

Here are two questions I hope you asked yourself:

What percent of people who quite their job to become a writer succeed?
What percent of those people, who upon hearing the answer to the first question, say to themselves “Yes but I’m different and special”?

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