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by Frost on December 12, 2011

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Remnant December 13, 2011 at 5:06 am

Very timely topic. The larger point Frost makes is: don’t waste your time on trivialities. Spending time with the classics and the true giants. Looking back at historical pop culture is secondary in importance but it can still be extremely enlightening. The changes that have occurred in our society are more readily apparent by watching a ‘50s B flick than they are by reading Lear, even if Shakespeare is ultimately the more worthwhile pursuit.

With that said, I have been spending more time on Turner Classic Movies lately, and it can be mesmerizing even to watch bad movies. The contrast with just fifty years ago is simply mind-boggling.

I watched “Anchors Aweigh” (1945) over the weekend, and the number and range of Alt-Right lessons in it are amazing. Here are a few:

For those who don’t believe in natural alphas and natural betas, watch Gene Kelly and Frank Sinatra in this movie. The natural alpha gets the hottest girl, and not only is he not trying to get her; he is actively pushing her towards the beta. The beta ends up with … the girl who chases him. And the natural order is very important: she is the right match for the beta, and she recognizes her own worth: she doesn’t want to ride the carousel just to get ephemeral kicks, she wants to settle for someone at her level.
Even if she is somewhat devious in how she pursues him, the end result is right: she accurately saw that the alpha girl was way beyong his level.

The men dress, act, treat each other, and expect to be treated, like men. The women, same. Kathryn Grayson was about 23 years old during filming: yet she dresses and does herself up like a woman, not a girl. Result: she is hot, as her youth deserves; but she is serious and mature in a way most 23 year olds today are not . And check out Grayson’s character’s young nephew: he is probably seven or eight in the film, but he wants to be a MAN: he wants to fight, he wants to dress properly and he wants to do manly things. Also, all of the game phenomena mentioned above work properly in large part because they are operating in a pre-feminist milieu. Perhaps the most important element is that the beta woman does not demean herself (and others) by acting above her station. That fact is what ensures an orderly and stable society: beta guys get theirs because the beta girls are there for them.

Paleo diet / fitness
I don’t know what Gene Kelly ate, but he has exceptionally low body fat, is very well-proportioned, carries himself well, and moves in an efficient and highly functional way: he’s a guy who can climb fences, run obstacles and kick ass, not do one-legged squats on upside down half-balloons. Most of the people – men and women – in the film are fit, slim and well-proportioned. Forget about the Kitovans or South Pacific Islanders: Americans were doing just fine health and fitness-wise not that long ago.

More could be said but I’ve made my point. (One caveat / disclaimer: I’m well aware that movies always present an idealized view of things,; but they contain a lot of truth about their societies too.)

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