Manning Up, Part #2

by Frost on October 10, 2011

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(r)Evoluzione October 10, 2011 at 1:06 pm

Great post. As a Gen X er who took the red pill early, I’ve been subject to the same invective on a personal level, for more than a decade. I can tell you it will get rough at times. The worst is when family starts in with the shaming. A thick skin is mandatory. But an amazing thing happens, at least to me and to a few brave friends who’ve done the same: when you stick to your guns, live your life on your terms, and make it abundantly clear over the course of many years, the haters grow to respect you. They see that you’re a man of principle. You wear them down, just by being yourself. Then over the course of years, they come to start asking YOU questions, understanding your authority on certain subjects. (nutrition for example. Often the first way a young man rebells is by eating in a way that is not sanctioned by the corporate machine.)

Stand tall, and never back down.

Only one quibble here:

“The one that has taxed and regulated our once-mighty productive industries into Breshnevan sclerosis, so that it can funnel cash and goodies to the idle criminal underclass?”

This isn’t exactly true, unless, by idle criminal class, you mean banksters. If that’s what you mean, we’re all good.

Tschafer October 10, 2011 at 10:24 am

Speaking as a middle-aged guy, I have to say that I don’t blame younger guys these day for dropping out. You are NOT being offered the traditional rewards that young men were offered for undergoing hardship and danger. In Western Civ, the deal always was essentially “you guys go off and defend the country, do the hard, dirty jobs, risk death or injury. In exchange, we promise you feminine, respectful wives, who will raise kids that you know are yours, and those kids will in turn honor you for your sacrifices, and seek to be like you”. This bargain has been deteriorating ever since the mid-1960’s at the latest, and it was the Boomers who destroyed it, so they need to STFU. Guys today are being offered precisely nothing in exchange for their sacrifices and hard work, and purile calls to “man up” are not going to work. If Bennett and Hymowitz don’t like it, they can work to restore the traditional rewards offered to young men in exchange for their sacrifices, and if they want to blame anyone, they can look in the mirror. Boomers who enjoyed all of the fruits of irresponsibility, and now look for today’s young men to defend their aging carcasses, and pay for their luxury retirements, ought to be ashamed of themselves. Of course, narcissists never are.

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