by Frost on May 6, 2011

Lots of treasure to be had in my RSS feed today:

Congrats to Hawaiian Libertarian for a healthy baby, and for the courage to feed it a paleo diet. Absolute must-read for parents, must-bookmark for parents-to-be.

Mike at Crime and Federalism on What Women Can Learn From Misogynists. Also a major H/T due for making me go out and buy a foam roller. As a former competitive rugby and football player with some nagging injuries, poor flexibility and a lifestyle that includes 40-50 hours a week in a desk chair, foam rolling has been a godsend.

The Last Psychiatrist on Osama Bin Laden.

Roosh on When A Girl Asks You To Buy Her A Drink.

“Instead of memorizing what I said, it’d be better to work on the beliefs that helped borne this reaction. What principles can you adopt so that when a woman tests you, you correctly respond on-the-fly without having to recite anything like a spelling bee contestant?”

Steve Sailer on Osama Bin Laden, multiple posts over the past week. If Sailer is not one day considered one of the greatest journalists of this era, the future is dark indeed.

Ferdinand on The Death Rattle of The American Empire.


As you can tell, I’ve spent a bit of time this week wallowing in the negative. But let’s finish off on a positive note:

I have the unique privilege of reading, and occasionally conversing with, the best writers and thinkers of my generation. While most of the people I talk to in a given day spend their time reading Paul Krugman and Nicholas Kristof, I can switch off the constant hum of distractions and misinformation, and replace it with the more accurate and valuable reality provided by the fine gentlemen and ladies in the blogroll to your right. Sincere thanks to you all.

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Keoni Galt May 6, 2011 at 2:26 pm

Thanks for the congrats, Frost!

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